Our Story

“Poppa ”D” AND THE AGGRAVATORS  have been a fixture in the Cleveland Blues scene for over twelve years.We are known for high energy performances that keep spectators riveted. Our motto:" "NO ONE WALKS OUT ON A POPPA "D" SHOW"'. I have found that to be true and the spectators? Well they become ardent fans and supporters. We are a band of brothers that have joined together on a quest to create a lasting and moving music. We are listed in the Blues genre but, frankly we often blur the lines so much we don't even know where we really fit. During our live shows you will hear songs that span over a century all done with our twist. Our recordings feature our song writing and are for the most part all original works. We try to bring the musicality to a higher level mixed with songs that are true. The songs we sing and the words we say have been lived by the band. On any given night, or on any CD you will see and hear all four different personalities of the band.  The Aggravators' are a ever changing musical entity. No two shows are the same. No approach is the same. The Band is always a fresh new experience be it your first show or your one hundredth. The one thing you can expect from a Poppa "D" show is a pure musical experience. We are not a dance band, but people dance. We are not an arena band but, your venue will feel like a concert hall when Poppa "D" And The Aggravators are IN THE HOUSE!  So. go ahead and book us right here, or buy some tunes

We Thank You….