"EZ" Ed Zalar

"EZ ED" Zalar is a second generation musician. His father,  Ed Senior has been a staple in the Cleveland Ohio polka scene for over forty years. It was in his father's Polka Band where young Edward learned and honed the discipline of the beat. Feel, interpretation, and love are the trade marks of this extraordinary player. When I say LOVE that's exactly what I mean. You can hear and feel the LOVE in every beat, though every song. Ed's drum lines are so perfectly aligned with the song that one might overlook his virtuosity. Make no mistake. Without EZ Ed Zalar there is NO Poppa "D" and The Aggravators! Ed is the very ground we live on. EZ is the consummate musician. He has no formal training but, will  guide you through the most challenging of pieces, keep you grounded when the head gets large, and keep the music fresh and current. Ed is the reason no Poppa "D" song sounds the same. EZ has been The Aggravators heart beat for over twelve years and shows that "The Drummer" is more than a "time keeper" in a band. Every accent and volume swell is in perfect coordination with the band. This gives The Aggravators their trade mark sound.The next time you listen to Poppa "D" And The Aggravators give yourself a treat and pay attention to the drum line. It's a tasty treat!