Poppa "D"

  Dan (Poppa D) Stamness grew up poor, and on the bad side of town. He fought his way to and from school and learned how to play the guitar on a broken down Gretch Guitar. He says “The neck was so bowed you could shoot arrows off it”.  Throughout his life, no matter what he was doing, or where he was, young D had a guitar with him.  He served his country for 10 years all the while picking the guitar. In Wurzburg Germany D met a guitar player who put him on the path. Jim Putman told D he was good enough, and to get in front of his own band. All of this time being told “you can’t sing’ “You are not good enough” There is no future for you” Dan ran into a believer, that he admired, and believed in enough to take action, and put himself on the line. Dan was in several bands playing several different genres, but the decision was easy. Poppa D would play D-Blues. “When they are young most people pray for success, I prayed for a great band and the Good Lord delivered.”Says Poppa D. Determination and brute force describe his four decade career. In a time when bands last hours Poppa D and the Aggravators have enjoyed over 15 years of touring and recording. When you add the other part of his life that is a 42 year career making music and making "Friends". By the way that is what D calls his "Fans"
  He is not the young lad who learned about life through a YouTube Video, and plays music as only a young drone can. Poppa D has earned every note he plays and lived every line he sings. He brings the experience and skill that only a fully lived life can. His songs speak to all with a clarity few match.
 He is an honest soul, he is an international Blues Artist in a time when electronic beats rule the airwaves, and the masses chant the Blues are dead. He inhabits the dark backroom bars as well as large Blues concerts; as long as he has his guitar and the Aggravators he plays his version of the Blues…His Way.