"TOO TALL" Eddie B

"TOO TALL" Eddie B is the youngest member of The Aggravators but brings a wisdom and temperament that surpasses his age. He also brings several instruments and vocals to the table. Eddie B is a musical chameleon. He is a second generation Harmonica player that comes from musical royalty. Ed Senior played harmonica with the Late Great Muddy Waters. "Too Tall's" harmonica playing matches the intensity of Poppa "D"'s guitar allowing him to play" in unison" which creates our signature sound. Eddie B is a solid Rhythm Guitar Player and an excellent vocalist. He brings tight beautiful harmonies along with soulful lead vocals. Ever the tinker "Too Tall" has added the Electro-Harmonics B-9 (TM) to his gear list. This allows him to bring yet another layer to the Aggravators sound." THE B-3 ORGAN SOUND". No matter what instrument he is playing "Too Tall" brings a great deal of finesse with his playing but, he has the ability to simply beat you in the head with it as well. "Too Tall" allows Poppa "D" and The Aggravators to change sounds and navigate to a higher level all the while reminding you that Poppa D AND THR AGGRAVATORS play the Blues.